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Case Summary

Hartman Trading Corp. v. United States

Hartman Trading Corp. v. United States, 56 Cust. Ct. 201 (Cust. Ct. Mar. 16, 1966), amended in part, 56 Cust. Ct. 551 (Cust. Ct. June 2, 1966).

Although the 1928 case Brancusi v. United States established that “original” works of art may enter the United States duty-free, the issue of tariff rates for copies of works of art had not been resolved at the time of this 1966 U.S Customs case. The U.S. Customs Court focused on what constituted a “copy, replica or reproduction” of a “work of art” in order to determine whether a number of imported objects should be subject to the 10% tariff for such copies or to varying tariffs based on the material from which the objects were made. After examining each object . . . .

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