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Case Summary

Italy v. Giacomo Medici

Corte app., Roma, sez. II pen., 15 luglio 2009, n.5359; Cass. pen., sez. II, sent., (ud. 07-12-2011) 22-12-2011, n. 47918.


In 2005, Giacomo Medici, an Italian antiquities dealer, was convicted by an Italian court for his involvement, allegedly as the ringleader, of an international illicit antiquities network. The investigation of Medici also led to criminal charges being brought against then-Getty Museum curator Marion True and antiquities dealer Robert Hecht (see Italy v. True and Hecht) and agreements being established between Italy and several museums for the return of numerous antiquities. (see Italy Antiquities Claim Against Getty Museum; Italy Claim Against Metropolitan Museum for Euphronios Krater and other Antiquities.)

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