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Case Summary

Rouault v. Vollard

T. Civ. Sein 10 July 1946; Gaz. Pal. 1946, 2, p.108, concl. Gégout; D. 1947, p.98, note H Desbois.

CA Paris, 1st Ch., 19 March 1947, Gaz. Pal. 1947, 1, p.184, concl. Flèche, D. 1949, p.20, note H Debois; JCP 1947, II, 3563.

In perhaps the most important case in France prior to the codification of the law regarding the right of an artist not to make his works public, this case pitted the artist Georges Rouault against his dealer, Ambroise Vollard.  The question raised was whether

title had been transferred when the artist delivered his works to a dealer, but continued to work on them. . . .

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