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Case Summary

Société Art Conception Réalisation (SARL) v. Mme. Veuve Foujita

Tribunal de grande instance [TGI] [ordinary court of original jurisdiction] Nanterre, Sept. 15, 1986 (Fr.).
Cour d’appel [CA] [regional court of appeal]
Versailles, March 3, 1987 (Fr.)
Cour de cassation [Cass.] [supreme court for judicial matters]
Civ. 1st, Feb. 28, 1989, No. 87-13540 (Fr.).
Cour d’appel [CA] ] [regional court of appeal]
 Rennes, Nov. 16, 1990 (Fr.)


A French court was asked to determine whether a 

copyright holder’s refusal to permit a publisher and author of a book to reproduce certain works of an artist was a notorious abuse of the right of reproduction (droit de reproduction).


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