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Country Summary for SWEDEN

I.  Relevant Legislation
II.  Regulated Cultural Property


Ancient finds are objects that have no owner when found and that
1. are discovered in or near ancient monuments and remains and are connected with them, or
2. are found in other circumstances and are presumably at least one hundred years old. 
(HCA – Ch. 2, § 3)
The term Swedish cultural goods refers to objects that were actually or presumably made in Sweden or in some other country by a Swede. The term foreign cultural goods refers to objects made I another country by someone other than a Swede. For the purposes of determination under this Act, the boundaries of Sweden on 1 July 1986 shall decide whether an object shall be deemed to be Swedish cultural goods. (HCA – Ch. 5, § 2)
For the purposes of this chapter, a cultural object is an object that
1.         in the State from which it has been removed is regarded as a national treasure possessing artistic, historic or archaeological value under legislation or administrative procedures within the meaning of Article 36 of the Treaty of Rome, and
2.         belongs to one of the categories specified in the Annex to this Act [which defines objects by category, age and value] or is an integral part of the inventories of an ecclesiastical institution or an integral part of a public collection and included in the inventory of a museum, an archive or a library collection. ….
(HCA – Ch. 6, § 2)


III.  Export Restrictions

IV.  Ownership Rights and Restrictions

V.  Violations, Penalties and Sanctions

VI.  International Conventions and Bilateral Agreements
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Country Contact
for Cultural Property

Export Authority
Emelie Nilsson
National Heritage Board
Box 5405
S-114 84 Stockholm
Ph: 46 8 51 91 8508
46 8 5191 8261

Christina Nylen
Deputy Director
Division for Cultural Heritage
Ministry of Culture
Ph: +46 8 405 13 07