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Country Summary for VANUATU

I.  Relevant Legislation
II.  Regulated Cultural Property

"Minister" means the Minister responsible for culture. (PSAA, Part I, § 1)

The objects referred to in Parts III, IV, and V (§§ 6 through 10):
Any site or object manufactured by the indigenous people of Vanuatu which is of historical, ethnological or artistic interest and which possesses a special value either as a result of any ceremonial use that has been made of it or the fact that it is more than 10 years old. (PSAA, Part III, Section 6.1)

Classified sites referred to in Part II (Sections 2 through 5): Any artifact of local manufacture which is fixed to the soil on a classified site shall be considered to be immovable and shall in consequence be classified by virtue of classification of such site. (PSAA, Part II, § 2.2)

Sites can be classified by historical, ethnological, or artistic interest. (PSAA, Part II, § 2.1)

Any intended sale of such site or artifact shall be notified to the Minister by the parties thereto or by one of them. (PSAA, Part III, § 6.2)

III.  Export Restrictions

IV.  Ownership Rights and Restrictions

V.  Violations, Penalties and Sanctions

VI.  International Conventions and Bilateral Agreements
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Country Contact
for Cultural Property
Mr. Marcelin Abong
Vanuatu Cultural Centre
P.O. Box 184, Port Vila, Vanuatu
(+678) 22129
(+678) 26590