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Country Summary for ZAMBIA

I.  Relevant Legislation
II.  Regulated Cultural Property
"ancient heritage" means–
(a) any building, ruin, or remaining portion of a building or ruin;
(b) any pillar or statue;
(c) any settlement, cave or natural rock shelter with traces showing that people once
lived there, any house site or church-site of any kind, or remains or parts of these,
any mound representing the midden of an ancient settlement, and any other site with
concentrations of buildings, such as trading centres, town sites and the like, or
remains of these;
(d) any site and remains of workings and any other place of work of any kind, such
as a quarry or other mining site, iron extraction site, charcoal kiln and any other
trace of a craft or industry;
(Heritage Act, Part I, Section 2)

"cultural heritage" means–
(a) any area of land which is of archaeological, traditional or historical interest or
contains objects of such interest;
(b) any old building or group of buildings of historical or architectural interest;
(c) any relic, national monument or ancient heritage;
(d) any other object constructed by man, other than a relic, of aesthetic,
archaeological, historical or scientific value or interest;
(Heritage Act, Part I, Section 2)

"excavation" includes any process of digging or unearthing or any act involved in such
process and "excavate" shall be construed accordingly;
"heritage" includes–
(a) any ancient heritage;
(b) any cultural heritage;
(c) any natural heritage;
(d) any national monument;
(e) any relic;
(Heritage Act, Part I, Section 2)

"national monument" means a heritage declared to be a national monument under section
twenty-seven and includes any property provisionally so declared for a period of five years
from the date of the provisional declaration;
(Heritage Act, Part I, Section 2)

III.  Export Restrictions

IV.  Ownership Rights and Restrictions

V.  Violations, Penalties and Sanctions

VI.  International Conventions and Bilateral Agreements
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Country Contact
for Cultural Property
Executive Director
National Museums Board
P.O. Box 50491
Luska - 15105
Tel. 260 1 220192
Fax. 260 1 220204

Dr. Ngosa Simbyajula
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O. Box RW50069
Zambia 2601 252666/718/709
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