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I.  Relevant Legislation
II.  Regulated Cultural Property

'Portable Cultural Property'—small objects, paintings, books, sculptures, building fragments, inscriptions, etc.
'Immovable Cultural Property'—historic buildings and monuments, groups of buildings, sites. (2002 Criteria, Art. 1)
'National Monument'—property designated by the Commission (to Preserve National Monuments) as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina…All provisions of this Law applied for National Monuments shall be applied for the properties included in the attached ‘Provisional List of National Monuments’ as well, until a final decision of the Commission on a respective National Monument is enacted…(Law No. 0-02-022473/01, Art. 3)
National Monuments are deemed automatically to have the highest level of protection in the law of Republika Srpska without need of further decision, law, regulation, or otherwise; and in particular the Government Republika Srpska and all authorities as aforesaid shall be and become responsible for ensuring that each and every step is taken to effect compliance with the requirements of the Law on the Implementation of the Decision of the Annex 8 Commission to Preserve National Monuments. (2002 Decision, Art. 3)
Cultural property has to be registered in the register of cultural property.
The documentation on the cultural property has to be kept along with the act on the basis of which it was registered.
The Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural-Historic and Natural Heritage maintains the central registry of protected real estate cultural property, while the central registry of protected movable property is kept by the Archives of Republika Srpska and the central museum organizations. (1995 Law, Art. 53-55; 2008 Amend., Art. 18-19)

III.  Export Restrictions

IV.  Ownership Rights and Restrictions

V.  Violations, Penalties and Sanctions

VI.  International Conventions and Bilateral Agreements
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