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Country Summary for URUGUAY

I.  Relevant Legislation
II.  Regulated Cultural Property
“Cultural Patrimony” includes plastic arts, tapestries, coins, furniture and decorative objects, archaeological remains, books, manuscripts, etc. (Law N. 17.473 and Law N. 14.040 Art. 15)

“Immovable Property” or “Bienes Inmuebles” includes monuments, buildings, Paleolithic writings and drawings, including the fixtures that can be found on said buildings. (Corporative Resolution No. 11-23)


Law No. 17.473 creates the General State Property Registry of Fine Artists’ Work. All works that can be classified as cultural property under Article 3, including those with which there is doubt as to their authenticity, shall be included in the registry. (Article 7)

Relevant State Agencies
The Commission for the Preservation of the Nation’s Historic, Artistic, and Cultural Heritage. Oversees the registration of cultural patrimony and advises the Executive on identifying historic heritage monuments. (Law No. 14.040, Art. 1)

III.  Export Restrictions

IV.  Ownership Rights and Restrictions

V.  Violations, Penalties and Sanctions

VI.  International Conventions and Bilateral Agreements
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Country Contact
for Cultural Property
Prof. Luis Mardones
Direction of Culture
Ministry of Education and Culture
San Jose 1116
Montevideo - Uruguay
9086950 / 9086740

Dr. Antonio Mercader
Ministro de Educación y Cultura
Ministerio de Educación y Cultura
Reconquista 539, 9o. piso
Montevideo, Uruguay (5982) 957359/961174
(5982) 961048