Art Theft Archive Newsletter

Volume 1, No. 5

May 1979

What Makes Good Security?
— Harry N. Wood
Security and management consultant Harry Wood makes the case for correlation between strong, continuous managerial control and the deterrence of theft. Security is as much a management tool as a form of physical protection

Security Equipment Survey
— James D. King
Detective James King surveys various intrusion detection systems, including a chart indicating relative strengths and weaknesses of different systems.

Bulletin: C├ęzannes Recovered
Three major Cézanne paintings, stolen from the Art Institute of Chicago in December, were recovered May 23 and a former employee, Laud Spencer Pace, was arrested.

Truck Theft, Gallery Shoplifting on 57th St.
Two of six valuable portraits stolen from a truck in New York were promptly returned when the theft made the news and a $15,000 reward was posted. A Vienna porcelain stork's nest was shoplifted from another 57th Street gallery in New York.