IFAR Journal

Volume 1, No. 2

Summer 1998

Schiele and Looted Art: A Gallery Director’s First-Hand Experiences
— Jane Kallir
The examples to date of Jane Kallir’s experiences with art by Egon Schiele, stolen during the WW II era

A Note from the New Executive Director of IFAR
— Sharon Flescher
IFAR’s new executive director and editor-in-chief of the IFAR Journal, introduces herself.

Letters to the Editor
— Franklin Feldman and John H. Merryman
Two letters by eminent art law attorneys debating the power of the moral right holder (droit moral) to determine the attribution of a work.

New York’s Statute of Limitations with Respect to Stolen Art and Holocaust Claims
— Franklin Feldman
A look at the current Statute of Limitations in New York State.

Two Would-Be Titian Emperors Arrive at IFAR
— Paul Crenshaw
Two separate copies of works originally executed by Titian but destroyed by fire are sent to IFAR for authentication at the same time by their different owners.

Update: A Resolution to a WW II German University Mystery
— Sharon Flescher
The return of seven 16th-century miniatures to the University of Kassel, Germany, from a Brookline, Mass., rug dealer, Thomas Chatalbash.

A Comment on the Steinhardt Affair
— Jack A. Josephson
An opinion and commentary on the Steinhardt case. The case deals with a gold plate that was allegedly taken illegally from a dig in Italy and an owner who then bought it in good faith.

“Current Legal Issues in the Art Market: Stolen Art and Cultural Property.” Law Panel Debate; No Verdict
— Sharon Flescher
A recounting of a Bar Association panel debate concerning such subjects as the Steinhardt case, and two allegedly stolen Schiele paintings.

Book Reviews: Titian’s Women and Raphael’s School of Athens
— Jennifer Landes
Reviews of Rona Gaffen, Titian’s Women and Marcia Hall (ed.), Raphael’s School of Athens.