IFAR Journal

Volume 1, No. 3

Autumn 1998

Native American Art and Antiques: A Legal Primer for Collectors
— Susan B. Bruning
An article on the laws —like NAGPRA—that work to keep Native-American art within the United States and that respect the heritage of Native Americans

Museums Adopt Holocaust-Era Restitution Guidelines
The Association of Art Museum Directors adopts a set of guidelines for dealing with works of art confiscated during WW II.

The Statute of Limitations on Art Recovery Cases: An Overview
— Lawrence M. Kaye
An overview of several art recovery cases and the different types of statutes of limitations governing these cases.

Authentication Service Report: A Virgin of Sorrows
— Paul Crenshaw
IFAR’s research on A Virgin of Sorrows and its attribution to Il Sassoferrato.

Conservation in the Aid of Authentication: How a Painting “Signed” by Jozef Israëls was Reattributed to J.S.H Kever
— Alexander Katlan
Through normal conservation work, a painting, attributed to Israëls, turned out to be by another artist.

Books: Recent Catalogues Raisonnés
A summary of recently published catalogues raisonnés.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Amicable Settlement in Dispute Over Degas Monotype Pastel
— Sharon Flescher
Dispute involving collector Daniel Searle and a Degas allegedly looted in WWII has been settled with a part donation and part sale.

Updates & Newsbriefs: IFAR Participates in a State Department Roundtable on Holocaust Era Assets
— Sharon Flescher
Advisory roundtable was one of several events organized to help the U.S. Government prepare for the Washington Conference on Holocaust Era Assets in December 1998.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Germany Wins another battle for an Art Work Looted in World War II
— Sharon Flescher
A London court ordered a Wtewael masterpiece to be returned to Germany.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Rare Copernicus Book Stolen in Kiev
— Sharon Flescher
A first edition of On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres (De Revolutionibus) was stolen from the Library of Kiev.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Italian Courts Resolve Complicated 30-Year Dispute Over Art and Property
— Clara Bronson
After 30 years an Italian Court rules that a group of Tiepolo frescos must be returned to their original walls.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Theft of Corot Painting Causes Exhibition Postponements in the Louvre in Paris
— Sharon Flescher
Due to the recent theft of a Corot work, the Louvre plans a major overhaul of its security system and cancels three temporary exhibitions.