IFAR Journal

Volume 3, No. 2

Spring 2000

Copying Chinese Paintings: Flattery or Forgery
— H. Christopher Luce
A discussion of the tradition of forging and copying in Chinese art. The article is based on an IFAR Evening talk

Calder’s Artistic Development and Authenticity- an IFAR Evening with Sandy Rower
— Sharon Flescher
Calder’s grandson, Alexander Calder, the Director of the Calder Foundation, discusses Calder’s sculpture and some of the people who have tried to fake it.

A Legal Decision in New York Gives Experts Protection
— Ronald Spencer
The attorney for the Pollock-Krasner Foundation discusses a lawsuit against the foundation brought by an owner of a work the foundation did not believe was an authentic Jackson Pollock.

A Copyright Primer for the Protection and Use of Fine Art Images
— Barbara Hoffman
A comprehensive summary of U.S. copyright laws affecting the visual arts.

Book Review: Playing Darts with a Rembrandt: Public and Private Rights in Cultural Treasures
— Susan B. Bruning
Review of Joseph Sax’s book on the balance between private property rights and public interests.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Looted Waldmuller Landscape Returned to Berlin Museum
— Sharon Flescher
The return of a painting stolen at the end of WWII.

Updates & Newsbriefs: NYS Attorney General Sues Art Gallery for Selling Fake Art on Internet
— Sharon Flescher
After a year long investigation, NY State’s Internet Fraud Unit sues a gallery for selling at least 23 fake works on the Internet.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Shchukin Heir Claims a Matisse Masterpiece Confiscated by Lenin
— Sharon Flescher
Andre Marc Delocque-Fourcaud makes a claim on Matisse’s Dance II while on loan from Russia to Italy.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Cultural Property Advisory Committee Meets in New York
— Sharon Flescher
Meeting of CPAC in June 2000.

Updates & Newsbriefs: New York Amends Law to Allow Criminal Seizure of Art on Loan to Museums
— Sharon Flescher
State temporarily amends its Arts and Cultural Affairs law in response to the claim against a painting by Egon Schiele while on loan to MOMA, NY. Meanwhile, Judge Mukasey rules in that case.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Prison Term for Conspirator in Bremen-Baku Art Case
— Sharon Flescher
Natavan Aleskerova is sentenced to 11 months in prison for her role in a conspiracy to sell drawings stolen during WWII.

Stolen Art Alert
Reported thefts include Georges Braque’s Verre et Fruits, Henry Moore’s watercolor, Group of Standing Figures, and Alonso Cano’s Holy Family and the Child John the Baptist.