IFAR Journal

Volume 4, No. 2


Thirty Years of the Rembrandt Research Project: The Tension Between Science and Connoisseurship in Authenticating Art
— Ernst van de Wetering
An article based on an IFAR Evening talk describes the sometimes controversial findings of the Rembrandt Research Committee

U. S. Museums to Provide Expanded Information About Objects Transferred in Europe During the Nazi Era
— Stephen E. Weil
A description of the American Association of Museum’s Internet portal for objects having gaps in provenance between 1939-45.

Updates & Newsbriefs: French Court Finds Art Dealer Guilty of Handling War Loot
— Sharon Flescher
Good faith purchase not accepted as a defense in case against Adam Williams, who tried to sell a looted WWII painting by Hals.

Updates & Newsbriefs: He Stole His Own Paintings: Now He Has 3 Years to Think About It
— Sharon Flescher
Postscripts in Cooperman case—sentencing for insurance fraud.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Prominent Dealer Charged with Selling Illegal Egyptian Antiquities
— Sharon Flescher
Frederick Schultz accused of conspiracy to sell antiquities owned by Egypt.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Journalist Hector Feliciano Sues Rosenberg Family for Share in Profits from Restituted Art
— Sharon Flescher
Rosenbergs file motion for dismissal of suit.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Twice-Stolen War Loot Returns Home to Bremen
— Sharon Flescher
U.S. Customs and the U.S. Attorney's Office scored a success in return of drawings by Dürer and Rembrandt to Bremen Museum.

Updates & Newsbriefs: First Painting from Famed Goudstikker Collection Returned to Family
— Sharon Flescher
Painting looted in WWII pulled from Christie’s auction.

Book Review: The Joy of Looking
— Joyce Hill Stoner
Review of Seeing Through Paintings: Physical Examination in Art Historical Studies by Andrea Kirsh and Rustin S. Levenson.

Stolen Art Alert
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