IFAR Journal

Volume 5, No. 2


Solving Puzzles, Discovering O’Keeffe: The Georgia O’Keeffe Catalogue Raisonné
— Editor
The following two articles are edited transcripts of IFAR Evening talks on the new Georgia O’Keeffe Catalogue Raisonné

Solving Puzzles, Discovering O’Keeffe: Part I
— Barbara Buhler Lynes
This author of the two-volume O’Keeffe Catalogue Raisonné gives a detailed explanation of the methodology behind the catalogue, as well as the politics and challenges.

Solving Puzzles, Discovering O’Keeffe: Part II
— Judith Walsh
The paper conservator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, Judith Walsh, describes her role on the O’Keeffe catalogue, explaining her complex investigation of the works on paper - the types of paper, the color, the texture, etc. and the Paper Profile she compiled to record this information.

Recent UK Initiatives Against Illicit Trade in Antiquities Including Accession to the 1970 UNESCO Convention
— David Gaimster
The Secretary of Britain’s Illicit Trade Advisory Panel discusses Britain’s key role as the European center of both the licit and illicit art market, specifically archaeological artifacts looted from historical sights. The Ministerial Advisory Panel advised the UK to accede to the 1970 UNESCO Convention, and the UK government signed the agreement in June, 2002.

Letters to the Editor
— Professor John Merryman and Detective Ivett Garay
Merryman comments on the Egon Schiele case and Garay, of the LAPD, writes about the Cuzco Inventory.

Updates & Newsbriefs: New Attribution to Rubens Changes an Ugly Duckling into a Swan
— Gertrude Wilmers
Describes a painting entitled The Massacre of the Innocents that recently sold at auction for an exceptionally high $76.6 million because of its recent reattribution as a legitimate work by Peter Paul Rubens.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Conflicting Decisions on Foreign Sovereign Immunity Affect Holocaust Restitution Cases
— Alexandra Minkovich
Federal courts in two circuits have come to differing decisions about the applicability of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to WWII- era restitution cases. The courts are split as to whether the 1976 federal law applies retroactively and, if so, how far back it is retroactive.

Updates & Newsbriefs: U.S. and Cyprus Sign Agreement to Limit Import of Antiquities
— Sharon Flescher
Under the CPIA, new restrictions have been put on archaeological objects from the pre-Classical and Classical periods coming from Cyprus to the U.S. In addition to Cyprus the U.S. has signed bilateral agreements under the CPIA with several other countries.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Decision in Human Rights Suit Over Van Gogh’s Gardener Ends Saga of Beyeler v. Italy.
— Sharon Flescher
Discusses the European Court of Human Rights ruling about Italy and Van Gogh’s Portrait of a Young Peasant/The Gardener, claimed by the Swiss dealer, Ernst Beyeler.

Updates & Newsbriefs: New Italian Monuments Law Causes Stir
— Alexandra Minkovich
Despite protest by the museum community, Italy has passed a law permitting private ownership of state treasures. The intent of the legislation is to reduce Italy’s deficit while raising funds for infrastructure improvements.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Daring Heist of Two Maxfield Parrish Murals
— Sharon Flescher
Two enormous Maxfield Parrish murals were stolen from the walls of a Los Angeles art gallery.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Stolen Titian Recovered
— Sharon Flescher
After 7 years Titian’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt (1510) has been recovered in southwest London. The painting disappeared in 1995 from Longleat House, the Marquess of Bath’s estate at Wiltshire. Two other works are still missing.

Updates & Newsbriefs: Japan Signs on to UNESCO Convention
— Sharon Flescher
Japan has announced its ratification of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Prevention of the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property.

Stolen Art Alert
Thefts include: Jean-Léon Gérôme, Algerian Women at the Baths; Berthe Morisot, Young Girl with a Goat, 1891; Marc Chagall, At the Circus; Alberto Giacometti, bronze sculpture.

Recovered Art
Recoveries include: the twenty paintings stolen from the Madrid residence of Spanish billionaire Esther Koplowitz in 2001, including The Swing and Donkey’s Fall by Francisco de Goya.