IFAR Journal

Volume 6, No. 3


News and Updates: Missing Rubens Lucretia Turns up in Russia
— Sharon Flescher
Discusses Ruben’s Rape of Lucretia, missing from Germany since World War II, and found in Russia. It is currently in the hands of the Federal Police, while ownership is settled

Art, Gold and Slave Labor: The U.S. Government’s Efforts on Behalf of Holocaust Victims
— Stuart E. Eizenstat
Edited transcript and Q&A from an IFAR Evening, June 24, 2003. Former Under Secretary of State Eizenstat discusses Holocaust restitution efforts, of which he was in charge during the Clinton Administration. He specifically addresses the 1998 Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets and the principles set out during that conference. He offers a report on the progress toward fulfilling those restitution principles.

Followers and Fakers of Pieter Brueghel
— Nadine M. Orenstein
Discusses the difficulty of determining fakes and forgeries of Pieter Brueghel’s work, as copying and imitating earlier masters was common practice in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Recent reassessments of the artist’s drawn oeuvre have significantly reduced the number of works attributed to him.

Courts Have Their Limits in Authenticity Disputes
— Franklin Feldman
In cases involving authenticity disputes, basic principles of law, Feldman suggests, do not offer satisfactory results, particularly in terms of the “burden of proof” rule.

News and Updates: Update on Iraq Looting Crisis
— Sharon Flescher
Update on the recovery of art looted in Iraq. Some degree of success had been achieved through raids and the Amnesty Program. Among notable recoveries are The Warka Vase, The Warka Head, and Bassetki Statue Base of Naram-Sin.

News and Updates: Sweeping New Swiss Law on Cultural Property
— Sharon Flescher
Switzerland has introduced a new law, The Federal Act on the International Transfer of Cultural Goods, as a step towards ratifying the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Cultural Property.

News and Updates: Authorities Turn to the Web to Retrieve 450-Year-Old Cellini Masterpiece
— Sharon Flescher
In an attempt to recover a saltcellar crafted by Benvenuto Cellini in the 16th century, authorities have created a website with a letter requesting its return and contact information. The story describes the theft during a nighttime break-in.

News and Updates: Police: No Trail for Missing “Madonna” Attributed to Leonardo
— Sharon Flescher
Madonna with Yarnwinder, attributed to Leonardo and stolen from Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland, in August of 2003, is still missing.

Book Review: Gauguin: A Savage in the Making: Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings (1873-1888) by Daniel Wildenstein
— Nancy Mowll Mathews
Review of the first of two volumes of the Gauguin Catalogue Raisonné by Daniel Wildenstein with Sylvie Crussard and Matine Heudron. Mathews discusses this ambitious revision of the original catalogue published by Georges Wildenstein in 1964 and suggests that it will make a significant contribution to Gauguin scholarship.

Stolen Art Alert
Thefts include: Man Ray, Swiftly Walk Over the Western Wave, 1940; Leonardo Da Vinci, attrib., Madonna with Yarnwinder, c. 1501-1508; Vincent Van Gogh, Landscape in the Neighborhood of Saint-Remy, 1889; Amedeo Modigliani, Tête de Face; William de Kooning, Study from de Kooning’s Woman Series, 1952. Recoveries include: Caspar David Friedrich, Nebelschwaden, c. 1818-1820 (stolen from exhibition in Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, July 1994, recovered in July 2000).