Volume 10, No. 7

July 1989

Art Forgery Charged
— Sam Pennington, Maine Antique Digest
Robert Lawrence Trotter arrested in attempt to sell fake John Haberle painting

“Good Papa” Confesses to African Jewelry Robbery. Recovery for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Museum guard Cipriano Garcia Aguirre arrested in Glassell collection theft.

Over 100 Items Recovered in Mexico City Theft
— Constance Lowenthal
Ceremony for return of archaeological items stolen in 1985 robbery of National Museum of Anthropology; college dropouts Carlos Perches Trevino and Ramon Sardina Garcia arrested.

Updates: Los Angeles, CA
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Robert Leads, alias Robert McKinney, pleads guilty in theft of Renoir and Cassatt works; Nicole Barckley pleads no contest in sale of fake Ming vases.

Updates: Cincinnati, OH
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Teddy R. Rudder guilty in interstate art theft ring; Jacob Schott and Jerry Mulholland testify against him at trial.

— Margaret I. O'Brien
Otterlo, The Netherlands: Two arrested in theft of three van Goghs from Kröller-Müller National Museum. Leipzig, G.D.R: Two arrested and Caspar David Friedrich from Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts recovered. Tonsberg, Norway: Munch taken from home of Ole Gunnar Selvaag recovered.

Stolen Art Alert
— Margaret I. O'Brien
New York, NY: Sketchbook of Matisse drawings. El Paso, Texas: Couse, Rohrbeck, Joseph H. Sharp, Fox and Knapp works from Museum of Art. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Berninghaus and Couse stolen from Albuquerque Museum of Art, History and Science.