Volume 10, No. 8

August 1989

Cyprus Wins Mosaics in Indiana Court
— Constance Lowenthal
Judge James E. Noland orders art dealer Peg Goldberg to return Byzantine mosaics. Court rules Goldberg never obtained clear title to the stolen mosaics

Rembrandt Drawing Recovered
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Christie's returns double-sided work, stolen in 1979, to Rembrandt House, Amsterdam.

Letter: Returned Drawing Doesn't Depict Rembrandt's Wife and Son
Reprint of letter from Professor Seymour Slive of Harvard University.

Stolen: Original Dick Tracy and Prince Valiant Comic Strips. Rye Brook, New York
— Caroline Goeser
Former curator Sherman Krisher of Museum of Cartoon Art charged. Raises questions of what institutions can do to stem insider theft.

IFAR Recovery: Ancient Kylix Turns Up
— Constance Lowenthal
Princeton curator Robert Guy identifies work, stolen from private Manhattan collection, at Sotheby's.

Bangkok, Thailand: Gold votive plaque from James Thompson collection found in Europe. New York, NY: Silver punch bowl stolen in Palm Springs, California, turns up at Sotheby's. Nairobi, Kenya: Attic black-figure krater takes long route from London to Virginia, via Kenya. San Francisco, CA: Richard Henry Clack arrested with booty from thefts in four states, including rugs taken in Albuquerque and paintings stolen at gunpoint from Arvest Galleries, Boston. Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: Beal, Enneking, Gay, Gifford, Key, Lawson, Little, Pannini, Spat, Wendel, Whorf. Prints, Drawings: Rembrandt. Decorative Arts: Storr. Antiquities: Greek krater, Attic kylix, Roman female mask, Oriental Thai votive plaque. Ethnographic Objects: African Akan, Ebrie, Swahili.

Stolen Art Alert: Gauguin Theft at Heathrow Airport London, England
Police smash ring of baggage handlers.