Volume 11, No. 2/3

February/March 1990

Franz Koenigs' Old Master Drawings Sought by The Netherlands
— Michael VolkoVitsch
Most important single group of works of art still officially missing from World War II

The Guggenheim Gets its Day in Court to Recover Chagall Gouache
— Franklin Feldman
New York Appellate Division rejects DeWeerth ruling; museum can proceed against Mrs. Lubell.

India's Ambassador and IFAR Return Stolen Miniature to Punjab Museum
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
One of over 100 miniatures, stolen in 1970 from Chandigarh Museum, arrives in IFAR mail with anonymous letter.

Southwest Museum Missing Artifacts
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Los Angeles museum goes public with its troubling losses.

Recovery of American Indian Baskets, Ventura, CA
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Stolen from Juan Camarillo collection at San Buenaventura Mission; Phillip Gutknecht arrested.

Other Recovries:
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media, Watercolors: de Chirico. Sculpture: de Chirico.

Stolen Art Alert: Japanese Art Taken
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Manhattan gallery burglarized twice.

Stolen Art Alert: Gone with John Guggenheim?
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Works placed on consignment turn up in Coral Gables pawn shop; gallery owner sought.