Volume 11, No. 8/9

August/September 1990

The Yard Recovers a Courtauld Institute Treasure
— Margaret I. O'Brien
A coup for newly re-established Art and Antique Squad of New Scotland Yard: Bruegel stolen in 1982 recovered; Scott Morris Cooper, Colin Edward Davis, Bobby Dee, and Stanley John Reeves arrested

Turkey's Suit to Continue. Metropolitan's Motion to Dismiss Denied
— Constance Lowenthal
U.S. District Judge Vincent L. Broderick clears way for trial in the “Lydian Hoard” case.

Audubon Print Theft, Recovery and Arrest: New Orleans, LA
— Michael Volkovitsch
Former museum volunteer Michael Moskaluk charged in theft of Audubon prints and Goya prints from Louisiana State Museum vault.

The Gods Return: Antiquities Stolen From Rhodes Surface in Zurich and Euboea
— Anastasia Pardalis
Greek consul general in Zurich receives Ares bronze statuette in anonymous package; priest on Aegean island finds other works taken from Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Hospital of the Knights.

Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: New York, NY: Police recover paintings from Colnaghi Gallery, including Fra Angelico, Bassano, Biondo, Carracci, Castiglione, Chardin, Houbraken, Kalf, Master of the Magdalen Legend, Tintoretto, Velde, Veronese. Clocks, Timepieces, Watches: Faxed Alert Leads to Recovery of Watches: London, England: The magazine Trace sends alert to watch and clock dealers; two men arrested, six timepieces recovered in Bury St. Edmunds theft. Pre-Columbian: Some recoveries reported in National Museum of Anthropology theft, Mexico City.

Stolen Art Alert Too Large to Lift, but Lichtenstein Vanishes
— Margaret I. O'Brien
45-pound sculpture vanishes in its crate from Navy Pier, Chicago; see correction p. 7 November 1990.