Volume 12, No. 1

January 1991

Benin Head Returned to Nigeria: Stolen Bronze Surfaces in Zurich
— Constance Lowenthal
Stolen from museum in Jos, Nigeria in 1987; IFAR praised for its role in recovery

Sevso Silver Will Go To Trial in New York: Civil Suit to Determine Ownership
— Constance Lowenthal
New York courts say trial over sale of Roman silver collection will be in New York, not Switzerland. Provenance in question.

Surrender of Stolen Sculpture: Sculptor Identifies and Recovers His Own Work
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Louis Trakis of Manhattanville College, with help from Franklin Feldman and New York City police, recovers Kentrophyx 1.

Christmas Thievery: New York, NY
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Two Take Seated Jupiter: Daedalus Gallery theft of 2nd-century Roman sculpture recorded on videotape. De Kooning Gouache Gone: Stolen from Peder Bonnier Gallery. Salle and Krasner Stolen from Loft: Robert Miller Gallery facility in Gramercy Park area victimized. Soutine Stolen with Truck: Van hijacked with artwork on upper East Side.

Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: Biroli, Brauner, Bucci, Cagli, Campigli, Carra, Casorati, Chirico, Deparo, Ernst, Guidi, Klee, Melchior and Schwaiger, Nolde, Palizzi, Renoir, Vogeler.

Stolen Art Alert
$50,000 reward for Krasner, The Eye is the First Circle and Salle, Sales Girls, stolen from Manhattan gallery.

Missing Art Alert
Ching Dynasty imperial dragon robe.