Volume 13, No. 2/3

February/March 1992

Largest Worldwide Supplier of Counterfeit Prints Indicted
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
75,000 lithographs and other works from Amiel family seized

Quedlinburg Settlement Leaves Fate of Meador Heirs Uncertain
— Constance Lowenthal
IRS plans to collect taxes on money paid by Germans to heirs for return of treasures. Meador heirs may be liable for possible violation of stolen-property laws.

IRS Rules Estate Taxes Are Due on Quedlinburg Treasure
— Franklin Feldman
Detailed examination of IRS ruling and speculation on its implications.

The Cyprus and Quedlinburg Cases: A Lawyer’s View of Two Recoveries
— Caroline Goeser
Thomas R. Kline's IFAR Evening lecture on Cyprus v. Peg Goldberg and the Quedlinburg church against Joe Meador's heirs. Why provenance documentation is vital for all art purchasers.

Art Loss Register Recovery: Contemporary Works Stolen in New York Recovered in Los Angeles Sting
— Anna J. Kisluk
Cy Twombly, Infinite Causes and Basquiat, No. 1 found; lawyer arrested.

Church Organist Arrested in New York for Theft of Liturgical Objects
— Caroline Goeser
Oather James Blocker admits to 500 church and synagogue burglaries.