Volume 15, No. 5/6

May/June 1994

Swiss Miss: Alpine Landscape Not by the Hand of Albert Bierstadt
— Nancy J. Little
Experts say Alpine Landscape was probably painted during artist's lifetime, in the manner of Bierstadt, but not executed by the artist

Munch Recovery in Norway
— Florence Swanstrom
The Scream recovered in sting operation by Norwegian police and New Scotland Yard; two Norwegians arrested; painting had been stolen barely three months ago from National Gallery in Oslo.

DeWeerth Redux
— Jonathan S. Kaufman
Second Circuit Court of Appeals refuses a second time to return Monet’s Champs de blé à Vetheuil to Mrs. DeWeerth in DeWeerth v. Baldinger. Implications for recovery of works from World War II looting important but confusing.

Art Loss Register Key in Recovery of Petrus Christus
— Florence Swanstrom
Christ as the Man of Sorrows recovered in Switzerland; stolen five months ago from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, England; ALR database helps Art and Antiques Squad of New Scotland Yard; several arrests.

Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: van Dyck, Hays, Hulst, Mierevelt, Munch, Pieneman, Schmidt, Yeats. Prints, Drawings: Pratt. Sculpture Austrian 16th-century St. Martin. Decorative Arts: Antiquities: Greco-Roman funerary stele. Islamic Art: Manuscripts 11th century Persian Koran.