Volume 15, No. 11

November 1994

Watercolor Signed 'Signac' Is Suspect
— Nancy J. Little
Watercolor and pencil on paper of waterfront scene after manner of Signac, Vue de Port, submitted to IFAR for authentication. Work possibly one of series of fakes marketed in the 60's

Sevso Case Ended
— Constance Lowenthal
The New York State Court of Appeals ruled against the claims of Croatia and Hungary to the Sevso Silver treasure in favor of the Marquess of Northampton Trust. The Trust now has superior title in New York, but other claimants who have proof of a find location could challenge the decision.

Last Stop for DeWeerth
— Constance Lowenthal
Lawyers for German centenarian, Gerda Dorothea DeWeerth, have petitioned U.S. Supreme Court for return of the Monet painting she inherited from her father that disappeared during WWII. The defendants are Edith Marks Baldinger and Wildenstein & Company.

Art Trade and Law in Vienna
— Constance Lowenthal
Fifth Colloquium on International Art Trade and Law met in Vienna to discuss, among other topics, the preservation of immovable (architectural) cultural property and the recuperation of art displaced around WWII.

Stolen Art Alert
John Vanderbank portrait, Sir Isaac Newton, stolen from California Institute of Technology. A reward is being offered.