Volume 15, No. 7

July 1994

Untangling Decades of Confusion in El Greco Scholarship
— Clara G. Bronson
Painting of St. John the Evangelist submitted to IFAR for authentication cannot be considered an El Greco original nor from his workshop; the work is a victim of erroneous and incomplete research over many decades

Market Overt Won't Just Steal Away
— Jonathan S. Kaufman
British Parliament's efforts to end the “market overt” procedure to clean up title to stolen are thwarted, at least temporarily.

Inventing Leonardo
— Florence Swanstrom
Richard A. Turner, New York University professor, art historian and author of Inventing Leonardo, traces the evolution of the mystique surrounding Leonardo da Vinci and his works, for an April IFAR Evening audience.

Luton Hoo Struck Again
— Constance Lowenthal
Thieves steal Fabergé objects from Georgian country house in Bedfordshire.of Wernher Collection; Luton Hoo lost 18 works of Renaissance jewelry to thieves eight years ago, and a Renaissance bronze plaque was stolen in 1966.

Block by Block: Judging the City
— Florence Swanstrom
Christopher Gray, New York Times columnist, offers IFAR Evening audience his ideas about “The Most Beautiful Block in the World”.