Volume 15, No. 8

August 1994

Most Items Recovered in Theft from Budapest's Jewish Museum
— Constance Lowenthal
In late June, Reuters reports 80-90% of the stolen artifacts recovered in Dascalu, Romania. Two men of German-Romanian citizenship arrested in Germany and Austria. IFAR has not learned which items still unrecovered

Parliament Closes the Door on Market Overt
— Jonathan S. Kaufman
July 15, House of Commons passes legislation outlawing “market overt,” which gave title to "good-faith" buyers at certain markets between sunrise and sundown.

French Droit Moral in U.S. Courts: What Respect to be Paid?
— Franklin Feldman
The moral rights concept has affected the Greenwood v Koven case in which Christie's sold a pastel purportedly by Braque to a buyer who demanded a certificate of authenticity. The holder of the "droit moral" for Braque claims the work is not authentic. The case raises many issues.

Audubon Birds Back in Vermont
— Florence Swanstrom
Rare 1860 edition of Audubon The Birds of America stolen from Vermont library recovered after prison guard overhears conversation between two inmates about thief wanting to fence the work.

U.S. Extends Ban on Sipan Imports
— Constance Lowenthal
U.S. Information Agency announces three-year extension of emergency import ban on antiquities from Sipan in Peru.