Volume 16, No. 2/3

February/March 1995

Titian Stolen from Longleat House
— Anna J. Kisluk
Thieves stole Titian's The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Joos van Cleve's portrait of Eleanor of Austria, and Bonifazio Veronese's Personification of Justice from the home of the Marquess of Bath. Nordstern Art Insurance Ltd. has offered a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to their safe recovery

James II Portrait Restored
— Annette Rupprecht
Report on the scientific analysis and restoration of the 17th-century portrait from the Peter Lely workshop (the authentication of which is reported on in IFARreports, April 1994).

Montreal Police Recover a Van Dyck
— Anna J. Kisluk
Montreal Urban Community police working with Interpol Dublin recovered van Dyck's Head of a Woman. The painting had been traced through an IRA member who died in Quebec. It had been stolen in 1990 from the 12th-century castle of Lord Dunsaney.

When the Going Gets Tough--Fake Your Own
— Nancy J. Little
Montreal police art task force seized 47 canvases from home of artist Pierre Da Luisi in late October 1994. The paintings were in the manner of various Quebec artists and signed with their fake signatures. It is not illegal to reproduce a work and sign someone else's name to it. "But when the work is sold and the buyer defrauded, a crime is committed."

Blatas Works Taken from Storage Area
— Anna J. Kisluk
150-200 paintings by Arbit Blatas taken from storage facility in New York. Stolen works include numerous celebrity portraits and a series of paintings depicting The Threepenny Opera that Blatas was donating to a German museum in Dessau, Kurt Weill's birthplace.

Louvre Struck Again
— Anna J. Kisluk
Three thefts from Louvre in less than a year: Portrait of Jean Dorieu, a pastel by Robert de Nanteuil; Deer in a Landscape, 19th-century landscape by Lancelot Theodore Turpin de Crise; battle ax from a 17th-century bronze sculpture by Martin Desjardins.

Art Stolen from Biltmore House Recovered
— Anna J. Kisluk
In 1991 over thirty netsukes and other works were stolen from the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. These were part of the George Vanderbilt collection. A continuing intensive FBI investigation led to their recovery last year. No suspects have been arrested.