Volume 16, No. 5

May 1995

Gold Pieces Recovered Almost Overnight
— Anna J. Kisluk
A pawnshop owner and a waitress helped recover three pre-Columbian gold artifacts stolen from the National Geographic Society's Explorers Hall in Washington two days after the theft occurred

Picasso Recovered in Chicago
— A.J.K.
Chicago police find TĂȘte in car abandoned by thief in traffic.

Genuine Medina Portrait Comes to Light
— Nancy J. Little
Portrait of a Lady presented to IFAR's authentication service, turned out to be a genuine work by the distinguished English portrait painter Sir John Baptist Medina.

100 Missing Works from Africa
— Constance Lowenthal
The International Council on Museums publishes 100 Missing Works from Africa, a book highlighting art theft from African museums and plunder of sites in Africa.

Complete Recovery for Budapest's Jewish Museum
— Constance Lowenthal
Remaining missing items recovered after continuing investigation into December 1993 theft.