Volume 17, No. 12

December 1996

Top Ten Thefts and Recoveries of 1996
List of Thefts and Recoverie

Degas Dancer Disappointment
— Hermine Chivian-Cobb
A pastel monotype, Seated Dancer Massaging Her Left Ankle, presented to IFAR's Authentication Service, proves not to be a work by Degas.

More Sculptures from Nineveh on the Market
— John Malcolm Russell
Ten more wall relief fragments from Sennacherib Palace Site Museum, in addition to the three reported by the author in IFARreports, May 1996, are reportedly on the market.

Andover Returns Stolen Shepherdess
— Constance Lowenthal
Addison Gallery of American Art returns Hannah Phillips needlework to W. Brooks Thomas, the original owner, once good title has been established.

Friedrich Stolen from Potsdam Museum
— Constance Lowenthal
An important painting by Caspar David Friedrich, View of a Harbor, taken from the Charlottenhof Museum in Potsdam.

Book Thief in Quincy, Massachusetts Snares “Mendi” Bible
— Constance Lowenthal
Four books, two of which have since been recovered, taken from the Adams National Historic Site.