Volume 6, No. 2

March 1985

Près de Gauguin
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Près de la falaise, a painting long accepted as a Gauguin, is challenged during examination by IFAR’s Authentication Research Service and will not be included in the revised edition of Wildenstein’s Gauguin.

Grant Wood Drawing Returned
— Samuel Pennington, Maine Antique Digest
Drawing for Wood’s Parson Weems Fable back with family that had consigned it to now-bankrupt art dealer; James Maroney and the Hirschl and Adler Gallery will pay the legal bills.

Tom Moscardini: Interview
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Discussion by Detective Moscardini on security protection for galleries and collectors, which includes communication among galleries and with the police department about suspicious activity.

European Alert
Two men, one under the name Chester Le Rooy Loce, pass bad checks to buy art.

Report from Europe
— Francine Bayard-Leblache
Seven people, including art dealer M. Arthur Melki of Paris, were arrested in 1983 for being part of a conspiracy to sell 40 stolen Impressionist paintings. All but one of the works, a Renoir pastel, Young Woman, have been recovered and have been donated to the Marmottan Museum, Paris.

Third volume of Karl Herbert Mayer’s Maya Monuments is published.

Important Notice
Stolen Art Alert and Art Research News combined as IFARreports, as of Jan/Feb 1985

Reward Offered
Picasso’s La dame à la voilette, stolen from a Long Island home, now has a reward for its recovery.

Owner Sought
Interpol seeks information on six paintings and a sculpture seized in Rome.

Special Alert
Theft of Russian avant-garde art from home in Greece; theft of Popova paintings book.

Antique boxes, rings, and figures from Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, England; Richard Haynes sentenced to prison for the burglary; confirmation prayer from Frankenmuth Historical Museum, Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Reminder of Past Losses
New York, New York: Two Reuven Rubin paintings; Paris, France: Foujita painting.

Stolen Art Alert
Baltimore, Maryland: 36 prints, including Dürer, Schongauer, and Rembrandt, from a private collection. Paris, France: Two Bonnard sketches and Greek marble head of Arsinoë III, from the Louvre. Zürich, Switzerland: Rubens painting, Orpheus and Eurydice, from a Zurich museum, January, 1985; Tintoretto painting, Tarquin and Lucretia, June, 1984. London, England: Peeter Neeffs church interior; Merculiano bronze group. New York, New York: Four watercolors attributed to F. Krebs, from Stanhope Hotel room.