Volume 6, No. 3

April 1985

Debate Over Richard Serra Sculpture
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Hearing on GSA effort to remove Tilted Arc from Federal Plaza

Small Elephant Proves to be Weighty
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Elusive Elephant and Rider with Base, examined by IFAR, assigned to Byzantine era.

New Director At IFAR
Constance Lowenthal named new IFAR executive director.

— A. Caravella
Washington, D.C.: Handwritten Civil War notes recently stolen from a case at the National Portrait Gallery have been recovered; Norman James Chandler convicted of felony on government property. New York: Karl Schwesig “Postage Stamp” drawings. Paintings: Schwesig, Forced Labor in Düsselfdorf.

Stolen Art Alert
Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Two French 18th-century portraits, stolen in 1972. London: School of Rubens painting. Chicago: Picasso, Nu couché et jouer de flute, 1936, from a gallery.