Volume 7, No. 1/2

January/February/March 1986

Return of Cultural Property
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
New York Dealer Returns Italian Fresco: 11-12th century St Cosmas hacked out of wall at Grotta dei Santi, Calvi, near Naples. Statuette Returned to India: 9th century A.D. stone sculpture. San Francisco Museum Returns Pre Columbian Murals: Voluntary return of Aztec murals by The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco sets important precedent

The Continuing Problem of Dali Print Forgeries
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Seven persons indicted for selling fake Dali prints: Martin Fleischman and his wife, Carol Convertine; Dennis Flanagan; Dean Thomas; Roy Goldsmith; Jason Fern; Dennis Huculiak; Convertine Fine Art Ltd. and Caravan Galleries implicated.

London Dealer Indicted in Insurance Fraud Scheme
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Houshang Mahboubian, antiquities dealer, accused of masterminding theft from Customs warehouse in Queens, New York, of his own Persian antiquities to collect insurance. Also indicted: Daniel Kohl, Jim Benjamin, Al Brown, Thomas May, Nedjatollah Sakhai, James Flint, James Prunty, Darryl Porter, Westly Ballard, Mike Smith, and Robert Valentine.

Owners Sought
Watteau, Fête in the Park; Hackaert, Landscape with People and Animals; other works.

Recovery of a Charles Hunt Painting
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Children’s Party returned to Plymouth auction house.

Hunt painting; American Indian ethnographic objects.

Huntington, New York: Wood Gaylor painting, Arts Ball.

Stolen Art Alert
Brussels, Belgium: van Dyck St Sebastian and Jordaens, La Puce paintings. Lincolnshire, England: Netscher, Fantin-Latour, Metsu paintings. Tucson, Arizona: de Kooning, Woman—Ochre, from University of Arizona Museum of Art; description and sketches of suspects. New York, New York: 10 works from Madison Avenue gallery, including Benton, Durrie, Tenney Johnson, Krieghoff pictures and Humphriss sculptures. Bedford Hills, New York: Tiffany window, the Stream. Miami, Florida: gold jewelry and precious stones from hotel lobby. Los Angeles, California: Ninety-one 19th- and 20th-century paintings, together with all of their documentation. Scarsdale, New York: Sacramental vessels.