Volume 8, No. 8

October 1987

Art and the Law: Expert Opinions and Liability
— Judith A. Bresler
Measures to protect art experts when rendering opinions

Sibyl Facsimiles
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Responses to December 1986 IFARreports article on widely copied work, misidentified as Beatrice Cenci by Guido Reni.

Classic Whodunit
— Elizabeth Hayt Atkins
Rune Roy Gunar Donell faces hearing on grand larceny charges in California thefts of his employer's French miniature painting Fête Galante, and Anders Zorn's I Fria Luften.

IFAR and FBI: A Joint Effort
— Elizabeth Hayt Atkins
Delacroix, Tam O’Shanter Pursued Witches, stolen in 1986, is retrieved and returned to rightful owners, art dealers Richard Feigen and Stephen Hahn.

Bologna: Update on 1980 Theft
Recovery of Virgin and Child by pupil of Raphael; painted panel by Giotto or Cimabue is still missing.

Still Missing
Prague, Czechoslovakia: Picasso, late 14th century Florentine from National Gallery of Prague. Kharkov, USSR: Portrait of Russian patriot A.G. Orlov-Chestenton believed stolen in World War II.

Stolen Art Alert
Recoveries: Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: Herring. Prints, Drawings: Hockney, Larry. Sculpture: Unknown Hercules bronze. Decorative Arts: Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain: Rouselle, Sevres by Buteaux, Chabry, Chulot, Evans, Ledoux, Thevenet, Veillard.