Volume 9, No. 10/11

October/November 1988

Douglas Cooper Collection Seeks Stolen Cubist Works. 1974 theft from the Château de Castille, Argilliers, France
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Concentrated effort being mounted to recover 27 Cubist works taken from collection of noted scholar, including Picasso and Gris

Fraudulent Fabergé: Indiana Court rules in sale of 54 Russian works
— Constance Lowenthal
Jacques Michel ordered to pay Mary Groves $429,077 plus court costs for misrepresenting collection.

Miracles Do Happen: Boston Church Recovers Three Kirchmayer Sculptures
— Caroline Goeser
Two works stolen from Church of the Advent in 1987, a third in 1988, discovered in nearby apartment. Ed Ouilette pleads guilty to thefts.

Australian Dealer Duped. Con-artist disappears with works by Renoir, Cassatt and Fantin Latour
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Robert Leads, alias Robert McKinney, is sought; Renoir and Fantin-Latour are tracked down; Cassatt, Head of a Woman still missing.

SoHo Shoplifter: Gallery security tighter now
— Constance Lowenthal
Better security systems are being installed and galleries are sharing information in wake of a series of recent thefts and attempted thefts. Canvasses by Y.J. Cho taken.

Recovered: L.A. Police make two separate recoveries for the British
E. Stannard and Francis Sartorius paintings seized.

Stolen Art Alert: Vienna, Austria
Brueghel the Elder, Rocky Landscape with Castle and River Valley, a van Ostade painting and a third drawing stolen from Academy of Fine Arts.