Volume 9, No. 1

January 1988

Masterminding Masterpieces
— Elizabeth Hayt-Atkins
Michael Bidlo's Picasso “appropriations,” recently shown at Leo Castelli’s Greene Street Gallery, and related works by other artists raise issues of copyright infringement

Art and the Law: Court of Appeals Reverses DeWeerth Decision
— Franklin Feldman
Second Circuit imposes requirement of “reasonable diligence,” raising difficulties for suits in New York to recover stolen art.

Stolen: Colnaghi Ltd., New York
Largest theft ever in North America, including Fra Angelico panels, Chardin still-life, 25 other 15th- and 16th-century Dutch and Italian Old Master drawings and paintings; van Haarlem, Allori works are damaged.

Missing: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Georg Grosz watercolor donated to museum in 1964, subject to the life interest of the donors, was reported missing from home of owners in 1980.

Recovered: The Ebell Club, Los Angeles
Detective William Martin recovers William Went’s View of Marl Bay and arrests Fawn and Doe Harris, mother-daughter antique dealers.