Volume 9, No. 2

February 1988

New Source for Documenting 19th-Century American Paintings
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Paintings conservator Alexander Katlan publishes American Artists' Materials Suppliers Directory, Nineteenth Century, It is an essential guide to authentication, with photographs of trademark stencils and labels of New York City art suppliers and their business information

The Sword Swiper
— Elizabeth Hayt-Atkins
Ronald Curland and Ronald Bates arrested in December 1981 theft of Willis Hawley collection of Japanese swords in Los Angeles.

Interpol's Most Wanted List

Paintings, Pastels, Mixed Media Works, Watercolors: Caravaggio, St. Jerome; Raffaelli, Ribera. Prints, Drawings: Khnopff. Sculpture: Elcareata.

Stolen Art Alert
Two Million Dollar Munch Stolen: Vampire, from Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway. Owner Sought: Six paintings depicting Holy Sacraments, Neapolitan School, circa 1700. Stolen and Recovered: Kefallinia, Greece and London, England: Four of 49 icons stolen from two Greek churches recovered at Sotheby's; Tina Maduvalos arrested in London. Missing: Montague Dawson painting, Wolf’s Light Near Lands End, last seen at O'Hare Airport, Chicago. Colnaghi Theft Update: illustration of stolen van de Velde work. Stolen Miniatures: San Gimignano, Italy: pages from Book of Anthems stolen from museum. Be on the Lookout: Interpol warning on fake or stolen Rouault, Matisse, Picasso.