Volume 9, No. 5

May 1988

A Not So Innocent Admirer
— Virgilia H. Pancoast
Untitled work submitted to IFAR and attributed to Johan Barthold Jongkind is a forgery

Art Theft Archive to Investigate Electronic Publishing
— Constance Lowenthal
Feasibility study for future computerization of records of stolen art.

The Mulberry Box: Shakespearean Relic Stolen from Folger
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Stolen from library in Washington, D.C., presentation box from promoter David Garrick to actress George Anne Bellamy.

Recoveries: Thomas Sully Painting Recovered
Portrait of a Lady found at gallery in Westfield, New York, says Thomas Africa, son of owner.

Recoveries: Recovery of Van Gogh, C├ęzanne, and Jongkind: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dutch police recover works stolen from Municipal Museum, Amsterdam, in 1988.