Volume 9, No. 6

June 1988

Special issue: Losses At Brigham Young University
— Constance Lowenthal
First time IFAR devotes an entire issue to one story: the loss of 1000 works from the Brigham Young University art collection over 10 years

Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Theft Uncovered at Brigham Young University
— Virgie D. Day)
Criminal charges and civil suit filed against Wesley Burnside, Art Acquisitions Director.

False Certificates of Authentication
Bronzes by Cyrus Dallin and Charles Schreyvogel have false certificates stating they were cast from original plaster models at Brigham Young University.

Recoveries: Street Artist Alias Claude Monet and Winslow Homer: A 19-Year History of Theft, Forgery, and Recovery
— Sgt. Arnold Lemmon, Brigham Young University Police
Original drawings by Homer, Portrait of a Girl and Monet, The Boat Ride, for which a New York City art dealer substituted forgeries, are returned to Brigham Young.