Volume 9, No. 9

September 1988

Two Guilty in Sale of Fake Incunabula
— Constance Lowenthal
Raphael Podde and partner Gabriel Reguer plead guilty to fraud charges stemming from sale of modern Haggadah represented as 15th-century work

Stolen and Strayed: Library Losses at Liège, Claremont and Washington State Universities
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Interpol organizes conferences to discuss alarming rise in library thefts. “The Working Meeting for the Fight Against Theft and Misappropriation of Valuable Books,” was held September 22-23 in Yugoslavia. A report will shortly be published. Article recommends basic security measures.

Missing Picasso
Dorothea Elkon of Elkon Gallery, New York, seeks Portrait of Dora Maar.

Stolen: Munch Painting and Eleven Prints Stolen, Oslo, Norway
Asgardsstrand and other works taken from home of Ole Gunnar Selvaag.

Recovery: Oslo, Norway
— Margaret I. O'Brien
Munch Vampire, stolen from Oslo’s Munch Museum, is turned in by Paal Enger, who says he stole it to pay gambling debts.

Reward Offered
Hallet House, Yarmouthport, Massachusetts: $10,000 for information on crime. Tiffany Window, Bar Harbor, Maine: $1,000 reward for window stolen from church.

Chinese carved ivory tusk.