Stolen Art Alert

Volume 1, No. 10

October 1980

Gallery Maeght Print Forgeries Identified
Detailed descriptions and illustrations of 16 forged prints based on works by Miró, Chagall, Dali, and Vasarely, reproduced in an effort to alert purchasers. The police seized 200 of these prints in 1979 and arrested Melton Magidson, Richard Greenberg and Andrew Weiss as members of a ring producing and selling some 800-1,000 forgeries across the country

Apse Decoration Fragment Vandalized
Byzantine Cypriot mosaic mutilated.

Hearing on Art Multiples
New York State reviews practices in producing and marketing art prints and multiples in an effort to crack down on deceptive practices.

Modigliani, Portrait of Rachel Osterlind (stolen in Paris, March 1979); two revolvers stolen in Oklahoma City, Spring, 1980.