Stolen Art Alert

Volume 1, No. 11

November 1980

Security Dialogue
In light of a sudden increase in sophisticated thefts of small precious objects from museums, IFAR conducted this interview with Allen Gore, director of security at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Paul Marsden, in theft of German Meissen figure from The Antique Company, is the suspect in a recent rash of shoplifting incidents from midtown New York galleries.

— Jeanne A. Vibert
Ms. Vibert, from the Newport Historical Society, reports on return of sampler with help of local police.

Precious Metal Alert
New York police tabulating thefts of gold and silver objects.

Lucien Freud, Unripe Tangerines, stolen in London, October 1979; Matisse drawing, Head of Theanor; Norman Rockwell, Traveling Salesman.