Stolen Art Alert

Volume 1, No. 4

April 1980

Four Paintings: An Unresolved Case
— B. Burnham
A $35,000 reward is offered for two Copleys and two other portraits from a total of six works stolen from a truck in New York in May 1979. After wide publicity, two portraits were returned for a $15,000 reward shortly after the theft but amidst bad feelings among those involved. Since then the case has stalled

Of Particular Note: Three American Weathervanes
Stolen in East Hampton, New York

In a Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian gold ring theft.

Laud Spencer Pace, a former employee of the Art Institute of Chicago, has been convicted for the theft of the C├ęzannes from the Art Institute in 1978; former museum employee Richard T. Spear and Joseph Cleary have been convicted of stealing rare gold coins and art from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; and philosophy student, David Thomas, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for the theft of Old Masters from a private collection in Cohasset, Connecticut, in 1978.

Greek Relief Head of a Female Servant, stolen from Frankfurt in 1979 is recovered from a West Berlin canal; Head of a Woman, originally thought to be by Picasso, is recovered in an FBI investigation; two Pre-Columbian jade relief carvings, stolen from Copan, Honduras, in 1977, are recovered by the FBI in Texas and New York.