Stolen Art Alert

Volume 1, No. 6

June 1980

FBI's Changing Mandate Favors Art Investigations
With the recovery this month of five important works stolen in 1979 from a New York gallery, the FBI is displaying a larger role in detecting and recovering stolen art. The FBI’s computerized National Stolen Art Files and special relationships built with local museums have helped

Helpful Employee Sues for Reward
Janitor seeks $100,000 reward from the Art Institute of Chicago in the recovery of its three stolen Cézannes.

Gallery Lookout Continues
Manhattan art dealers report visits from shoplifting thieves continuing their spree.

Eighteenth-century portrait of Samuel Buell found with other stolen items on premises of Long Island Historical Society; five paintings from a Madrid private collection recovered and a Belgian, two Spanish and two Portuguese citizens have been arrested.

Remington painting (Canadian Northwest Mounted Police, 1890) stolen from the Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, may be linked to a rash of other thefts of works by Remington and Charles Russell in the Midwest; Eighteenth-Century Indian bronze of Hanuman was stolen from Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.