Stolen Art Alert

Volume 1, No. 7

July 1980

A Search for 150 Rare Books
— Mary Ellen Guerra
The Library of the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology has published a detailed listing in the Antiquarian Bookseller of more than 150 rare books and 200 bookplates that have disappeared. Some items have surfaced at Sotheby’s London. Advice given for improving security

Straw Indicted for Fraud
Steven Straw and Steven Rose indicted in wire fraud and theft by fraud and interstate commerce.

Salinas, Cactus of Texas (stolen in 1976) along with $500,000 of art believed stolen at the home of Ronald Whittington; Leger, Le Vase, stolen 1979; five of nine American bronzes, stolen 1979; the oldest record book of Albany County, New York.

Owner Sought in Recovery of Pre‑Columbian Eagles
Two solid gold eagles recovered under suspicious circumstances.