Stolen Art Alert

Volume 1, No. 9

September 1980

Fraud Proliferates as Art Investments Rise
— Linda J. Walder
The rising number of art fraud conspiracies should be a lesson for collectors and investors to investigate the authority and qualifications of art dealers and to authenticate art works and their provenance

Three Important Pre-Columbian Bowls
Stolen from Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University, New Orleans.

New York Gallery Thefts Continue
Detailed description of thief who stole an Alexander Archipenko bronze from a midtown gallery.

Jewelry Losses at Auction Houses in New York and London
Thieves substitute fake pieces for real ones.

Notice: Stolen Money Orders
Some may have been used to buy antiques.

Janet Culbertson paintings.

Mexican Capers
Five paintings stolen July 1980 from San Carlos Museum in Mexico City recovered.