Stolen Art Alert

Volume 2, No. 3

May 1981

In This issue
New column to highlight important thefts: beginning with 21 Limoges enamels from the Episcopal Museum, Limoges; Monet’s Pluie a Belle-Ile from Morlais, France; Greek and Roman objects, from New York University; and four Tiffany lamps from two New York galleries

Tiffany Thefts
Details of the theft of lamps from two Madison Avenue galleries.

Top Thief Follow-up
Dr. Ira Smith convicted in FBI’s Midwest “Top Thief” operation to break up interstate fencing.

John Hay treaty-signing pen, ceremonial swords and cigarette case taken from Smithsonian Institution, recovered by FBI; five Rube Goldberg bronze sculptures, stolen in 1978 in New York, recovered in Queens, NY.

Title Claim
New York attorney Michael Gruen sues his stepmother, Kemija Gruen, for recovery of Klimt, Schloss Kammer am Attersee, II.