Stolen Art Alert

Volume 3, No. 3

May/June 1982

Rembrandt Search Continues
— Gus Teller
Rembrandt Portrait of a Rabbi and three other works, stolen from the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco in 1978, are still sought

Owners Sought
Copper teapot; George F. Dawson Mountainous Landscape painting.

Chagall and MirĂ³ Fakes
Warning from Arnold Herstand of Galerie Maeght, about the circulation of fake Chagall and Miró watercolors and gouaches with fake Galerie Maeght photo-certificates.

Chicago police and FBI seek two men in robbery of 14 modern European prints from a Chicago private prints dealer (sketches of robbers included).

47 Old Masters, from a private collection in Recklinghausen, Germany; Nattier portrait; Naysmith landscape; Bugatti sculpture; Etruscan Gold Gorgon's Head Pendant.