Stolen Art Alert

Volume 3, No. 4

July 1982

An American Museum Returns an Egyptian Fresco
Boston Museum of Fine Arts returns wall painting stolen in 1973 from Tomb of Aba at Deir-el-Gebrawi. Case illustrates the difficulty of substantiating the legal origin of antiquities on the market and a heightened interest by American museums in cooperating with foreign governments

Remington Bronco Buster, from Columbia Museums of Art and Science, Columbia, SC; Peruvian Tumi, (pictured in “Focus on Peru,” SAA, January/February, 1982).

— Malcolm H. Wiener and Dr. Ahmed Qadry
Malcolm H. Wiener, IFAR director, clarifying McClain decision and UNESCO Convention information in “Focus on Peru” article; Dr. Ahmed Qadry, chairman of Egyptian Antiquities Organization, urging stronger steps by foreign museums against stolen artifacts.

India Issues a Search
Five bronzes stolen from temples in Tamil Nadu province may be on American market.

Silver Burglary Suspects
Two suspected armed robbers sought.

Owner Sought
Anton Mauve painting, Peasant Gathering Sticks, recovered by FBI agents in Philadelphia.