Stolen Art Alert

Volume 3, No. 7

October 1982

In This Issue
Six paintings by Renoir, Boudin and Edzard and a Barye bronze were stolen from the apartment of a member of the Durand-Ruel family in Paris; two Picasso paintings stolen from the collection of Dr. Vincenc Kramar in Prague; and an injunction was served against Colin Benjamin Turner, believed to be in possession of three paintings by Wyndham Lewis, a Jacob Epstein sculpture and a Degas pastel, belonging to a client of the London dealer Anthony d’Offay

A Successful Con Man Reappears
Charles Heller sought for swindling New York galleries as part of a major fraud operation involving passing bad checks.

Interpol's Twelve Most Wanted Works of Art

Seven paintings from Corbusier Foundation, Paris.

Owners Sought
Sixteenth-Century Madonna and Child; flintlock pistol.