Stolen Art Alert

Volume 4, No. 2

March/April 1983

Delaney Collection Paintings See Daylight
The controversial collection of James Paul Delaney, known mostly by report and regarded skeptically by most experts, has come to light in a number of schemes. Lance Rudman, who offered the collection for sale in California in March 1982, an appraiser Jan Cook, and others were arrested for theft through fraud in 1982

Museum Theft Case Dismissed
District attorney drops charges against Manuel Marin in theft of five important masks from the Museum of the American Indian in New York.

The Suer Gets Sued
Stockbroker Stuart Travis, who lost his case against Sotheby’s (Travis v. Sotheby Parke Bernet) is sued himself by a brokerage client.

Social Register Burglars Plead Guilty
Suspects in 200 suburban New York and Connecticut break-ins, whose victims were all listed in the Social Register, plead guilty.

Thefts In This Issue: Sacred Indian Idols
Only one of four Hopi Indian idols, stolen in 1978 from Shungopavi Village, Arizona, has been recovered.

Winter Antiques Show
Patty Gagarin and Lawrence E. King, exhibitors at 7th Regiment Armory show, lose entire booth contents to truck thieves.

Bad Checks Europe
Francis Buxareo, a Canadian citizen from Uruguay, charged in bad-check art-buying spree that included paintings by Friesz, Buffet and Petitjean and a Signac drawing.

More Bad Checks Stateside
In a scheme reminiscent of Charles Heller (SAA, October 1982 and January/February 1983), a man identified as Robert Whitney victimizes a Boston gallery. A similar method used in New York by a man identified as Mike Brodney.